Smart Heating Neck Cervical Massager Relief Pain Muscle

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  1. EMS pulse deeply massages muscles, relaxes cervical vertebrae, relieves neck fatigue, and effectively improves various neck problems such as shoulder and neck strain, pain, soreness, stiffness and discomfort.
  2. With Five massage modes and 15 levels of intensity adjustment, our cervical massages is suitable for daily neck maintenance, and can relieve cervical problems such as cervical discomfort and severe cervical strain.
  3. Pendant design, wearable shape, compact body, easy to carry, allowing you to massage and relax your cervical spine anytime, anywhere.
  4. Ergonomically designed electrode pads conform to the curves of various parts of the body, such as arms, thighs, shoulders and neck.
  5. Intelligent timing for 15 minutes, automatic shutdown after leaving the human body for 30s, so that you can develop a good habit of scientific massage.

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